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I feel Atlas needs another rework


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Here are my ideas. First off get rid of the degenerating armor with his rubble ability. Enable it so that you can petrify any enemy(including the ones in the arena for kela and for the codex ). Raise how much it stacks by 5 to 10%  get rid of his wall ability and replace it with a ability where you can become the boulder for as long as you please (or until it deteriorates from damage or normal timed deterioration) wile controlling it and detonate at will dealing massive of damage to enemies in a 5 to10 meter radius with a small percentage of health being lost. The lower the health of this boulder mode the larger the radius is and the damage increases slightly higher (the damage can also be dependant to an extent on how much ruble you have collected ). And get rid of the rumblr ability and get rid of the conclave augment and makes it so you can be the rumblr . As your a rumblr your armor and damage output increases with how much ruble atlas collects (and maybe for the fun make the titanic rumblr augment mod viable still so that atlas can rolm around as a much slower and much larger but higher damage and higher health/armored rumblr so that he may be a true titan ) this is how our titan shall truley be 

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