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Reworking ehp to sort out armor issues


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Hello there guys!


I was looking around the current armor and ehp suggestions what were posted and decided to put in my idea on how to fix the endlessly scaling ehp.


In short, all im going to do is to remove all DR, manipulate the damage system and make all armor work as additional health.


Lets start with the armor:

From now on the armor we have grants ZERO damage reduction, instead it act as a secondary healthbar what stops almost all damage going throught it, same goes for enemies.

An enemy with 200 hp and 300 armor will have in total 500 hp and as long as the said enemy has armor almost nothing can attack its hp directly.

Armor decreases all dot status effects damage to 5 points regardless of level and armor, the only status what can bypass armor is toxin thought its max damage is capped at 20 point when armor is on.

Damage what hit any amount of armor can only damage armor and never the health effectively creating an armor gate.

Every damage the enemy/player takes chips away the armor, corrosive damage removes it as a dot while puncture procs remove it i small amounts. Every other damage source directly hits armor.

Armor can only be regained by picking up health orbs while at full health. The enemies who currently dont take damage can regain 100/sec armor if they were safe for 5 seconds.

Corrosive projection now creates a visual aura what slowly chips away enemy armor when they enter it.

Bleed proc cannot be applied while the enemy has armor.

Puncture procs on armorless enemies cause bleeding while impact on armorless enemies cause stun.

An electric proc what destroys the last portion of armor creates a magnetic anomaly what draws in nearby enemies for 2 sec.



Just as for armor shields are now regenerating secondary health bars.

Everything with a shield has the ability to regenerate it once its out of combat and doesnt take damage. Shield regen rate is 100/sec after 5 sec of peace.

As long as any damage hits a portion of the shields it cannot deal damage to the health of players/enemies.

Having shields decreases all dot damage to 5 and only heat damage can bypass shields thought its damage is capped at 20 while shields are up.

Shield disruption is now a visible aura what slowly chips away enemy shield in its range.

Bleed proc cannot be applied to enemies with shields.

Puncture proc on shieldless enemies cause a bleed proc while impact causes stun.

An electric proc what destroys the last portion of shields creates an electric shockwave dealing low damage.



Flesh takes half damage from all sources but dots are not affected.


All unique ehp stats are removed and replaced by flesh, armor and shield. Enemies having unique resistances are depend on the enemy and not on the health type.

Damage type effectiveness:

Slash, +25% against flesh -25% against shield and armor.

Puncture, +25% against armor, -25% against shield.

Impact, +25% against shield, -25% against armor.

Toxin, +25% against armor, -25% to shield.

Electricity, neutral to all.

Heat, +25% against shield, -25% against armor.

Cold, +25% against flesh, -25% against shield and armor.

Corrosive +50% against armor, -50% against shield.

Viral, +25% against flesh.

Radiation, + 25 against armor.

Blast, neutral to all.

Gas, +25% against shield.

Magnetic +50% against shield, -50% against flesh.


Lastly to not make the game too easy i suggest that everything below lv25 should have the current hp stats they have but above the with an incoming alert saying "the enemy faction has deployed the elites" all enemies should have the starting hp stat of lv 100 guys.



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