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Ogris and Heavy Caliber


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This might not be a bug, but mathematically it seems to be. When I use Heavy Caliber mod max ranked on Ogris, the accuracy stat drops from 100 to 1,7. I'm not sure but it also seems to translate to the accuracy, can't risk accurate shots near obstacles or I kill myself often enough. Maybe it's a mechanic I dont know of, but it just doesn't sound right when accuracy is reduced from 100 to 1,7 with -55%. It should be 45 or so instead.

Any thoughts?

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Accuracy stat is just so weird it feels like it has its own math. And it's true to all weapons.

In example, Baza has 80 accuracy and it goes down to 28.7 after Heavy Caliber when it should be 36.


But as far as I know, Ogris with Heavy Cal will be so inaccurate and the projectile will fly uncontrollably.

to know how much it affects just do some tests in Simulacrum and see if you like it.

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