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Where to go from here? (General game progression)



Good Morning Fellow Tenno, 

I wanted to ask for advice because I've finally reached the point where I've mastered and forma'd many of my favorite weapons and frames several times at this point. After working my way through the Star Chart, I've focused on defense missions like Hydron to quickly max out my weapons while occasionally farming some focus with my AoE frames like Gara. The only frames I'm missing are Ash, Nyx, and Loki which I'm not terribly interested in obtaining anyways. 

The thing is, I got so addicted to creating new weapons/frames and min/maxing their builds that I really failed to explore the game itself up to this point. I've barely even touched reputations and haven't even gone to Cetus or Fortuna yet. I've blown through all of the quests mainly for the frames that they reward, but I feel as if there's an entire game that I've missed in my craze to obtain all the weapons I could get my hands on. Now that I'm MR17 with a vast array of weapons and frames, I feel like I'm finally familiar with most of the weaponry and playstyles the game has to offer and I wanted to move on to something more fulfilling in terms of progression.

So today I'm not going to run my normal routine and I'm going to actually explore the game itself. My friends have suggested the following:
-Maxing my rank on Cetus and Fortuna 
-Eidolon hunting for arcanes
-ESO for focus farming (I was just doing Hydron lol)

So for all of you Tenno that have truly experience all of this game has to offer, what would you suggest doing next? Up to this point I've basically just been farming weapons and rank. Now I want to expand my horizons a bit. 


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1 hour ago, Ailryden said:

Eidolon hunting for arcanes

Eidelon tricaps are muuuch faster focus gain than eso. Simply unlock all schools with a cheap lens, then fill in with the shards that drop from eidelons.

You can run eso for radiant relics and arbitrations for the few toys that drop.

Run sorties solo if you want a minor challenge.

Ash, Loki (loki in particular), are fun each. Loki is a great tool for simply blowing through spies and sabotage fast, especially if you’re bored of killing trash mobs. Ash is a lethal variant. Collect the rare mods that drop from spies and sabo caches.

Fully explore Lua run the challenge rooms. Play around with Void challenges if you havent.

Farm spies, and run thru the syndicates.

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