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Spare part mod to good for orokin cell farming?


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Hello tenno and DE!

When i was trying to find a method of farming orokin cells more effeciently i encountered the Spare Parts mod which is a sentinel mod that gives your sentinel 45% chance of dropping a rare item on death. This also works when your warframe dies. And because you can resurrect 4 times without arcanes, you can kill yourself with a self damage weapon. If youre playing on the mission Exta in Ceres with four people doing this "exploit" it gets a bit ridiculous even without arcane revive. Because by only doing the "exploit" you will get 4 orokin cells on average. This only takes couple minutes at most to do, and then you can run towards Krill and Vor and maybe find cell arrays on the way aswell. This results in a lot more orokin cells than what u usually can farm without boosters. This method may be a bit too effective but the farm for orokin cells is tedious. Thats why i even tried to find a better way to farm it from the beggining. The majority of prime weapons requires 10-15 orokin cells. Only 10% of the star chart has a drop chance for orokin cells. You can find more info down below. My point is that farming orokin cells requires way more time to farm than all of the other resources. I hope something can be done to change this. 


Thx for reading!



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