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basic controls have become buggy on ps4


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1) spies. I run loki solo. in grineer vault back doors that require crouch walking under laser beams, loki will partially stand up from crouch (sprint is a toggle in my settings) regardless of sprint toggle. recently and in general, left joy stick tends to sportatically “lash” giving a bit of a boost of movement to even the gentlest of nudges. i have tried my alternate controllers and this problem remains. it does seem the recent input filter removal may have caused (or revealed a latent) problem. perhaps play testing should cover gentle movements.. 

2) (new) public squad. this is a glitch which persists across (hydron) missions: controls become glitched so that R1 causes (happened on nidus) warframe to 180 and run backwards from camera view then the first or second ability casts. R1 pressed independently also causes the same “terrified” behavior. how the heck does one button press invoke two joystick actions? note: there was a nekros in the initial mission that used terrify. again, i switched controllers mid mission to see if it was a hardware problem. nope.

 i get the impression my r1 somehow got bound to that terrify and it was applied my frame(!) again this problem persisted across missions in different random pub squad without a nekros(!!) restarting the game was necessary to remove the glitch. i did not try swapping frames.

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