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Spindle The Weaver Warframe Concept


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Spindle The Weaver Warframe

(If it’s god-awful I’m sorry)


  • Passive: When bullet jumping segments move apart to reduce the chance of being hit. When Spindle has no melee equipped, torn limbs are used as a whip weapon.

  • mjUAr6BQpoUmGCmNDw7JbmB2U-inWFxNAro6hho3Bk9cV8vCHuG7PISgmkjcHV4R7BHd1vbf-PGCvf4QItLBa4A4VBIQkyEORfPA63xpvxV-49HSaDM1yOm_5Y9ZtnHERe0l1bTyAbility 1:Dismember: Spindle uses his strings to tear off the limbs of his enemies and latches them to himself. The longer the ability is held the more limbs taken and when enemy’s limbs are taken, they are suitably crippled and their armour is shredded.

  • AWhrBCZWgO4nre-zDOGQI6TIg6V7xPQ44PpDRBAoAUcdVzZ4shKq-hiU51NygtBAVSnUiE3Qo4E33PrzuEUyo2_Crkob9R8zuOH_i83jq1_omVi26TIpw2V7RFgGrZKzaRkHfqYwAbility 2:Vampyre: When activated this ability gives a buff (based on how many and what limbs are taken) to Spindle and his allies. Sentient limbs give sentient immunity. Grineer limbs give higher health and armour. Corpus limbs give greater energy and shields.

  • FHf2QFOT2xlR07q_YL3ciIa1ao6tSJd26VFSdfE8_nOCVX2MGjU4tYOykvUFZCMXoxFGe4S55G1b0ncWVC_F61neFCuKSZc_-vdmN9ke6lK3L1YInN8KQaJdfSMI936u___F7mS-Ability 3:Ensnare: Fire your spool at an enemy snaring them and all enemies in a limited radius. Melee enemies can escape quicker.

  • Ztv4PejMhnqyHrs8pttuVkH1K6eegKL85YL_HuyrRjqcyXgXAxItT4MEUEYHbfV1l_VL5Vwsd8DuWe_s055nCh98QPBdwZ28CV6jtirNZbPyo7jhbIUV17G2PsfHTPPaa4r3pk-5Ability 4: Web of Shielding: Weave a protective barrier around Spindle and his allies deflecting all projectiles and damage. Damage and duration are increased according to Vampyre’s buff(s)







Sprint Speed:1.75



  • Dismember: Open Wound: Enemies dismembered lose a massive amount of health through a short-lived bleed effect.

  • Vampyre: Funeral Pyre: Enemies caught in its radius are debuffed according to buffs given.

  • Ensnare: Barbed Wire: Enemies caught in the coil receive a massive Slash proc.

  • Web Of Shielding: Web Of Nullification: Damage caught in the web stacks until the ability ends/ended where it releases damage instantly split across all enemies in the radius of Vampyre.


Extra Notes

  • Dismember deals a ⅛ of the enemies health for each limb taken and it has a starting range of 10m and freezes Spindle in place whilst casting.

  • If the passive needs a name it’ll probably be Weaver.

  • Now that I’m paying attention to his kit I feel as if he’d be great on Lua and I don't know how I feel about that.

  • Dismember only ragdolls bosses and assassins


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