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Fan Frame: Dynamo - The Explosive Frame


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General Information:


Base Health: 150 (450 at lvl 30)
Base Shield: 100 (300 at lvl 30)
Base Armor: 450
Base Energy: 125 (187 at lvl 30)
Aura Polarity: Varazin (D)



Dynamo cannot be reduced below 2 health by self damage and has a natural 99.9% damage reduction against self damage.

1st - Explosion - 25 Energy:
Cause a target to explode, dealing 1000*str blast damage in an 8*range meter radius, if the enemy is below 25% health, this is an instant kill and deals additional damage equal to their remaining health, this inflicts self damage.

2nd - Implosion - 25 Energy:
Create a reverse blast at a location, pulling in any enemies within 8*range meters and inflicting 1000*str blast damage with 100% status chance.

3rd - Bullet Bombs - 50 Energy:
For 10*dur seconds, any bullets you shoot deal 25*str% of their damage as blast damage in a 3*range meter radius with self damage, cancels all punch through.

4th - Vortex Blast - 50 Energy Channeled 5 energy/sec:
Gain 95% damage reduction and create a vortex 8*range meters in diameter that pulls in any nearby bullets to you, any damage you take in this time is stored before damage reduction, when this ability ends, deal that damage back, multiplied by str, in a 15*range meter radius as blast damage.


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So basically, this suggestion is akin to what would happen if Ember and Vauban had a child?  It might be viable considering that Baruuk feels not only rushed but also a fusion of two other warframes...  

At least it's better than what I was thinking when I quickly read the title of the thread:


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