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A few bugs i found


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- I only had a sniper (Rubico prime) equipped on my Excalibur Umbra. Whenever i picked up a power cell (with exalted blade equipped) and put it in the Excavator, Rubico Prime would be equipped , but it wont shoot and rather when i pressed e then exalted blade would be used, but whenever i stopped slashing Umbra would put away (animation of exalted blade being put away plays) exalted blade and use Rubico again, even though it wouldnt fire. Normally this is resolved by putting away exalted blade and using it again


-Ivara has a few animation issues in Fortuna, also a bug with fishing. Go to a lake, get a dash wire arrow over the water. Equip a fishing spear and get on the wire, no fish will spawn. Yes i have waited for 10 or more minutes. Also i'm not sure if this is an issue with Ivara as a whole with dash wire and things spawning, although i did notice a smaller spawn rate when i was on dash wire. Not a single fish has spawned. Try throwing the spear with just your left click, Ivara will be frozen, she will be allowed to move after a while. Of course you can left click and then quickly after right click for an instant throw. Holding right click on the dash wire will result in some... Interesting animations with her arms, as if she's hitting away birds or flies. Try throwing Luminios Dye while on the dash wire, Ivara will again be frozen and will not throw out the Luminios Dye. 


-I'm not sure if this is still up, but if you go to Plains of Edilon and press 5 (for operator mode) and then 5 again to go back into your Warframe, you'll get more sensitivity. Although i only did this with Excalibur Umbra


That's all that i found for now

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