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Mesa Prime Trailer

(XBOX)Skylar McCloud


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It wasn't a pivotal moment in Warframe, at least in my opinion. Feels to me like every other prime access so far...

About the trailer, they still havn't released Hydroid Prime trailer and he is really close to get vaulted. Not to mention Zephyr Prime, Limbo Prime and Chroma Prime who are yet to have a trailer. Mesa Prime is far from getting a trailer for the fact there are more in line, and this is just the beginning of why.

I remember DE mentioning in the last devstream or so that the prime trailers take too much resources and time that can be used in actually making the game, because of that they are thinking to stop releasing these trailers. We will at least get Hydroid Prime trailer, I remember they mentioned it too.
For the rest of the primes? I guess most chances we won't get, they didn't talk about it.

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