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Suggestion: A fifth relic refinement (DEPLETED)


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I've been thinking of a fifth (5) relic refinement, lets call it DEPLETED.
Order should be the following; DEPLETED, INTACT, EXCEPTIONAL, FLAWLESS and RADIANT.
And as the same for today; the relic is INTACT on retrieval.

So what is then DEPLETED? 
A refinement that "drains" a small portion of traces from the relic (lets say 5, 15 or maybe 25 ?). 
So instead of the refinement costing traces for the player he/she actually get traces.. 
The drawback from this refinement could then be that only COMMON drops occur when using the relic, no chance for UNCOMMON or RARE drops in other words.

(Alternative drawback might be NO drops at all, only traces .. and instead of getting traces back directly when refined there is a trace-multiplyer at relic opening/mission end; like x2 or x3?)

Running missions with this refinement can only be done solo and/or together with other DEPLETED relics.
And of course, once DEPLETED it cannot be refined again.

The main reason for this refinement is of course farming traces.

What do you think?

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The relic system is already insanely easy. Go farm traces if you need more of them. Smeeta and Boosters are available if hitting the cap isn't as fast as you like it. 14 Radiant relics at once as MR 26 is pretty good.

If anything has to change in the system, Exceptional refinement should be completely removed from the game as it's just a useless option.

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