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Clan Emblem Request!


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Good day im in need of a Emblem for my new clan.

Name of clan  -  Kempeitai (WW2 Military Police of Imperial Japan)

Ideas for emblem, the following picture is what i had in mind, but swap the kanji and romanji around, meaning kanji top and romanji bottom, Letters must stand out you know without a back ground,

Feel free to be artistic since im not, go wild with creativity!

Arigato for reading! PS i changed my name a long while ago in warframe, its "Darktension" now


wwii-style-japan-army-kempeitai_1_a330de200px-Yu_Jing_-_Kempeitai_-_-N3-_-Vyo-.p this Circle one, was the offical logo during ww2


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