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57 minutes ago, Podge said:

the cost to ruch crafting is based on time left, rather than market cost. so it's like that with a whole lot of things, such as forma, potatoes, even some frames can be bought for less than the cost to rush each part.

You completely invalidated your comment, lol.

Forma are 20p to buy outright, 10p to instant craft with the materials. Same for potatoes.

Cheapest frames are 75p. To instant the frame itself after you've crafted the parts is 50p. Invalid. Instant finishing all three parts as well as the frame comes to 125p, I believe. Only three frames in the game are cheaper than that, and all three are the starter frames you can choose from at the beginning of the game. All other frames are more expensive than instant finishing all the parts. I'm not counting the prime frames. Their cost fluctuates quite often, and are completely based on the market at the time.

And even if you wait until the frame has only a day left, down from 3 days, its STILL 50p to instant. Time doesn't matter until the last 20% or so.

So other than your "even some frames" (though only Mag, Excalibur, and Volt), everything else in your post was wrong.

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