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Please Fix Objective and Waypoint Markers


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Objective Markers and Waypoint Markers need to be displayed on a Room by Room Basis indicating the doorways need to proceed through to get to the next room and NOT Its Current Implementation of AI PATHING that takes into account things like Stairs or multiple hallways which all lead to the same point!

This issue is most noticable when you are in the Kuva Fortress which will have you going one way and then turn you back around the other direction! As well as vaious other Tile Sets which are not limited to any single Faction. Mostly It happens with multiple pathways.

This needs to be changed and Fixed to illustrate DoorWays leading to the next Room set!  I honestly dont care how they do it; If they retile the tilesets in a grid pattern and lay overlays for Markers to correspond to entrances and exits for the next connecting Grid or if they just Tie the Markers to the Doors tiles themself. Either way would be better then forcing Us and our Space Ninjas to use this AI Pathing.

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