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Poor Archwing controls, Experimental Flight option do nothing


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Many of these problems can be avoided if the game would simply allow "experimental flight" option to work everywhere.

I don't like the poor controls of Archwing in some places. Worst, the game have options, controls, experimental flight option that does nothing at all in most places (Free roam, mastery test 25, underwater Uranus missions), as in, the option is being ignored and is forced off in most places.

1. I don't like the drifting of Archwing suddenly change direction when I turn, look, and aim, when I did not push the move control. Frequently colliding into enemies or walls. Experimental flight enabled in outer space and mastery test 20 fixes this, but not Mastery test 25, not free roam.

2. In mastery test 25 and free roam, Archwing can't sprint/boost backwards. Very difficult to slow down to a complete stop. I would like experimental flight option to work, and to work the same way as outer space missions. Just leave the users that have experimental flight off, unchanged.

3. Keyboard users have "Roll Left" and "Roll Right" buttons in customize key binding, but they only works with experimental flight on, an option that only works in outer space and in mastery test 20, but not mastery test 25. Make experimental flight option work everywhere.

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We don't have a "left stick" on PC, but I can confirm that Archwings will change movement direction even with no movement controls if you pan the camera around to shoot at enemies not directly in front of you. I strongly suspect that Archwings don't use simulated physics but rather some kind of procedural emulation which doesn't work very well while Sprinting.

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