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Small Baruuk change that would make a huge difference


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So the restraint meter, thematically, sorta makes sense, but in practice its really annoying. Having fun going around being a cool monk boy and blowing 5 enemies back with one move? well too bad, your restraint meter is filled back up, gotta go stand in a crowd of enemies and get shot for a while. or stand in the middle of a bunch of sleeping dudes and auto throw knives at them. 

Baruuks kit paired with his 4 is pretty good, youre disarming people and putting them to sleep, and are blocking bullets from them as you move towards them, running full speed at them ready to go Marvel's Iron Fist on the fools. However, i dont think you should be forced to use just his 1, 2, and 3 every once in a while just because some arbitrary meter has filled up cause you havent got shot enough. its a little silly. 

A small but great fix to this would be once your restraint meter is filled back up, baruuk then uses energy to continue using his fists. 

give it some quirky tag line like "baruuks guilt weighs heavy on him, reducing his energy while he reluctantly ends his foes" or some other cheesy crap like that. 

This would mean that using abilities would reduce the amount of energy youre spending on your 4, make you more inclined to use abilities like your 2 or 3 while using your 4, which would help allies, and overall make baruuk feel WAY better to play. It would also allow you to keep most of the damage reduction of the restraint meter in exchange for energy, which kinda makes sense since your only DR otherwise is trying to keep your 3 up as long as possible, which means youre probably running a low range build to keep the DR, which hurts your 1 and your 2. Its sort of a mess to mod at the moment, and this change would fix some of it without it being OP. 


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23 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

I think you need to revisit the streams where they talk about Baruuks theme. The restraint meter would make much more sense of Serene Storm was significantly more powerful.

i understand his theme, if you read the post, you would see that i address this, and also give a theme based line they could add to make it work. and yes, it would make more sense if it was more powerful, but they could make it one shot everything and it would be equally not as fun to how your meter refill. its not even about how much damage it does, its that being blocked from using an ability because you didnt just sit there and take bullets for a while is annoying. if i wanted to wipe a room id just bring mesa, its about making the frame fun. his other abilities support the team, he works well with his whole kit considered, its just about being able to use his whole kit 

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11 hours ago, TailleDefer said:

Put Guardian Derision on his Desert Wind then just block with them out. Even if it just a melee with Guardian Derision as well, taunt and lose restraint faster.

this works good, however, please tellme what other frame has you sit aroudn for 30 seconds holding right click before you can use their exalted weapon? it just doesnt make sense

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