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Jordas Golem Assassination Not Loading [Fixed]


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I was able to farm Atlas and complete the node for my star chart months ago way before the Fortuna or even Chimera update and haven't done the assassinate ever since. I still really don't need to but was curious about what some of the new arch gun mods could do to Jordas. Now it seems when I try and load the mission, it just hangs there for a few seconds, freezes a little, goes back to normal and then outright crashes to desktop. It's not like it was a one time crash, this is reoccurring. Every time I try and load this one mission it does the same thing. I can load anywhere else just fine, it's just this super old mission I cannot seem to load anymore for whatever reason. It may not be game breaking to me but if someone hasn't done the node or farmed Atlas, this could be frustrating for them if it's not just me.

Anyone else getting this or have experienced this and found a fix? I like to have all my nodes working even though there's nothing for me in them.

Fix - Unchecked DX11 in the launcher. Which is weird considering this is content that came out back in 2015 and things like Fortuna load for me with it on.

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