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I don't even... (Mission conversion weirdness.)


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So there have been a number of things with matchmaking and missions I've noticed lately (#5 and #6 are most likely related to #1-4):

1) I have been connecting to hosts that are much higher than my ping tolerance is set in options...Not even a situation where I connected and the connection deteriorated and became unplayable...these were 350-2500ms+ as soon as I connected...

2) Many hosts I do connect to are laggy with issues like doors not opening and skills often being unusable...I've noticed this with both high and low latency hosts, but mostly with high latency hosts...

3) Sometimes I end up loading in without anyone connecting, even during an event like an alert where there should be decent traffic. If I wait long enough people might connect...

4) I have been dropped from squads a lot more often than before and placed into a squad by myself...

5) I just ran a capture alert and after we completed the objective and were running towards extraction, I was dumped out of squad and after the loading screen, which I assume is a host migration (it didn't say it was host migrating like normal, just showed me the loading screen)...I was dumped into a wave 2 survival void fissure... Um, what?

6) After I extracted from the void fissure mission, I went to do the capture alert again and I loaded in on a squad with 30 seconds left on extraction... Luckily I didn't need to do anything to get the rewards otherwise I would've been effed...


Additionally, have been running into a lot of buggy behavior like capture targets not being interactable, etc., though that's mostly on the Plains of Eidolon.

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