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Fortuna content doesn't appear in Profile/Codex


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Hi, I'm on Xbox.


In the begining of the Plains of Eidolon, we could only have MR points from only 1 Zaw before DE decided to make different Zaw ( you remember? ).

Since they have done this update, I had like 3 Zaw that were lvl 30 and polished that I have destroyed but my mastery points were refreshed like if I have never done them. So I had to make them again...


With Fortuna, I just noticed that Kitguns, Moa and K-Drive doesn't even appear in the Profile and the Codex.

I have 1 K-Drive, 1 Moa and 1 Kitgun that are polished and lvl 30 but I didn't looked at my MR to see if I won the points or not.

Are you sure that we can earn the MR experience from Fortuna content on consoles or do we have to wait for an update? And if we should wait, do you know if my stuff is done for nothing or not? 



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Well, today I tried with a new Kitgun that I have polished and this time I checked my profile to see if I won mastery rank experience, and it does. So, Fortuna content doesn't appear in the profile/codex but we do win the points anyway. 👌

I hope it will get fixed in the profile without removing our experience like in the Plains of Eidolon. 

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