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New Pet Themed Frame


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A new frame revolved around pets/moas.


Passive: Every time you ressurect another players pet who couldn't be arsed to that player receives a rag doll effect into a random direction, a magnetic proc and a disarm.


1) "I Got U Pup."

Ressurects the downed pet in half the time and sends a whisper to the owner saying "don't worry, keep spamming 4 my friend. I got this."

2) "Fine, I'll come to you."

You teleport to the pet because it died up on a ledge somewhere. Pets are given a slight debuff called "scowl" which slows them down so they can't run off after that Bombard.

3) "If we're going to keep doing this help me out!"

You absorb energy from the pet as a reward for resurrecting this retarded thing and send a whisper to the owner saying "listen, half wit, Google what link mods are."

4) "Stop spamming!"

You send a shock pulse out, disabling all UI messages that clutter Warframes UI. Messages such as "XxSephiroth420xX is down!", "XxSephiroth420xX has been revived!"



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