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Solid, the Veteran (Concept, lore and quest) [WIP] [EDITED]


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[EDITED] Version 1.1

Codex Entry:


Do you hear the shots? The screams, the cries for help? Do you smell the gunpowder, the blood, the nauseating stench? Do you see the piles of corpses, the crying mothers and fathers, the terror in your comrade's eyes? This is what war is. There is no glory, nor honor. Just shots, screams and bad smells. How fool you were when you believed what our politicians told us. You were full of pride, now look at you. You can't even hold your weapon straight. But it's not your fault, you didn't know anything. You thought that shooting at the enemies "for the sake of our land" was right. That was a "duty as a citizen". I'm sorry, but this is the exact opposite of what they told you. Why am I here? well... that's a difficult question. Maybe because I'm more stupid than you, or maybe because killing is the only thing i can do anymore. Yeah, it's probably the second one. Do you hear it? Another round begins. Grab your gun and come with me, we're about to shoot some people. "For the sake of our land!"

Where to drop the parts:

-Blueprint: Quest drop

-Neuroptics: random drop from grineer exilus on any level 65 (or higher) exterminate mission (8% chance, only if you have completed the quest)

-Chassis: During any defense mission (except infested) after 10th wave, a random enemy may appear (15% chance on each wave). It's a purple Grineer Commander (or Corpus Tech if you are against corpus) called "Old Commander". He is 10 levels higher than any enemy in that wave, and sometimes he coughs (other than making the other characteristic sounds of the grineer/corpus). When killed, he will drop a metallic black sphere that, if collected, will float around the warframe draining 4 energy/s. When it has drained 125 energy, it will explode, dealing 20 impact damage in an area of 2 meters radius (6,4ft), dropping Solid's chassis. This kind of enemy will spawn only one time per mission

-Systems: random drop from any lvl 50 or higher moa on any survival mission (5% chance)



Health: 140 (300 at rank 30)

Shields: 100 (150 at rank 30)

Armor: 150

Energy: 95 (180 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.10

ABILITIES(no mods, rank 30):

Passive: There's no honor in death

Each 1000 damage dealt Solid will obtain 1 "Concentration Stack". These stack will make him deal 1.5% more damage with his abilities and attacks, but will make him take 2% more damage. Each 600 damage taken, Solid will lose 1 stack. Max stacks are 100.

1. Shove

Knock down your enemies with a powerful shove


-base cost: 35;

-damage: 35% of your armor;

-reach: 1m (3,2ft);

-width: 3,5m (11,5ft);

-Solid hits the enemies in front of him with a shove, knocking them down and dealing damage. For each enemy hit, the warframe and his allies within 6m (19,7ft) will gain +5% movement speed for 5 seconds;

-this ability is melee-ranged but has a significant width;

2. Tactical Arsenal

Cycle through and place down one of four traps: Barbed Wire, Nerve Gas Capsule, Spike Mine and Impaler. In the Convlave, use Bear Trap and Tripwire Mine.


-Barbed Wire:


-damage: 10 slash damage each second in the wire,

-status chance: 10%;

-crit chance: 3%;

-crit damage: 1.5x;

-length: 4m (13,1ft);

-width: 2m (6,6ft);

The warframe places in front of him a "carpet" of barbed wire, that decreases enemies' movement speed by 20% and deals damage during time.

-Nerve Gas Capsule:



-Spike Mine:






-Bear Trap:



-Tripwire Mine:











Survivor Syandana


Coming Soon (I hope)


Edited by (PS4)Lory5761
Added 1st ability and a little bit of the second one. There's still a lot missing, but I will soon add it. Feel free to give some advice! (pls be polite)
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