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PVP Reinvented


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As we all know the pvp side of warframe is lacking, which is a shame sense pvp could be a lot of fun. My idea is to change one fundamental part of pvp that could in turn change everything about it and make it playable. This idea is to remove all warframes from being playable in conclave and instead have a pvp exclusive warframe.

The warframe, Mimic, would have no base abilities but instead 4 extra mod slots that would allow the player to equip abilities from any other frame. This would allow players to mix and match to create a preferred loadout for the conclave. The ability mod slots would have a separate drain from the regular capacity of the frame. This would in place to stop players from being able to equip nothing but powerful abilities that deal high damage.

The frame will be to be toggled from Male to Female in the customization menu. The frame will also have several torso, arms, legs, helmets, and armor options available to allow the player full customization.

Conclave mods will stay as separate mods for exclusively conclave. There's no need to change this.

New game modes such as king of the hill, capture the flag, etc. Should be added as well to keep things more interesting for the player base.



Health- 100 

Shields- 100

Armor- 200

Energy- 100

Sprint Speed- 1.00


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