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Shield bug


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(Not tested with other frames as of yet. Will update if/when I get to that)

With Mesa Prime (fully ranked) I am constantly losing Shields permanently during missions. Tested two ways::

1) With no shield mods, her shields are 225 at rank 30. When the bug hits, they drop to 112.

2) With a fully ranked Primed Vigor, her shields are 390 (225 + [220% of her base 75] 165. When the bug hits, they drop to 195.

Shields never come back, even through a death/revive. The lower shields can still receive overshields, but return to the lower bugged setting once they wear off.

Mods for the frame are:: Rejuvenation, Power Drift, Streamline, Augur Message, Augur Reach, Staggering Shield, Primed flow, Umbral Intensify, Cunning Drift and Primed Vigor (Vitality for the base shield test).

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