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Congratulations DE on the drastically improved kitgun progression in Fortuna. Can we have an update to PoE?


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I recently reached Old Mate, unlocking all the kitgun goodness and their arcanes.

I have to say what a huge improvement these are over all the arcanes in PoE. The amount of progress required to get them feels about right.

For comparison:

> Each kitgun arcane: 12k rep

> Each zaw/amp/operator arcane: 12.5k rep for the BP, 10 Cetus Wisps (10k Quills max rank rep each, or get lucky with bounties/riverbanks), 3 gems (previously incredibly hard to get with a controller, much improved now thanks), 2-5 top tier fish parts (only obtainable at set times with bait made from the previous tier of fish), 10 BoE (more bounties) and 7.5k credits. Some require 3 Eidolon shards instead of the BoE, gems or fish.

So, to max out a single kitgun arcane you need 144k rep, so under two weeks of maxing out rep in Fortuna for the average player. Maybe under a week for veterans.

To get the equivalent zaw or amp arcane you need slightly more rep, plus many hours fishing, running bounties, running round lakes praying to RNGesus and fighting the Eidolon.

Any chance these could be brought into line? Either just make it so that the arcanes can be bought outright, or reduce their costs to something more reasonable in grinding terms?


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