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(PS4) Clan for New Members


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The Spectrum Empire

All are welcome to join us!

Our Story-

During the Orokin Era, a Science Engineer that worked under the power of the Orokin Empire, used biotic matter to give life to peculiar objects as an off-side experiment. A ghost of the Void later appeared and was looking to such ideas of life. It came to the Scientist asking for help. If it were given human life again and to not be trapped and lost within the spirit world with no hope or freedom. The Scientist was ready and eager to help a lost soul of the void. They performed the Continuity Ritual to transport his consciousness into one of the clones from a slave. During the ritual the ghost channeled its energy hidden within, creating chaotic vibrations and changing its ghostly colors of the spectrum. The Scientist grew with fear by the reactions and decided to interrupt but has failed to do so with the ghost reaching such velocity of power with the help of the ritual. The walls trembled and cracked across the Orokins. The ghost ignited into a bright light of hope before exploding into multiple souls of many different colors. The orbed souls flew in all directions before they flew out one by one to find themselves. The Scientist watched as they flew, looked at the dead clone and could only hope he had helped the ghost, in which he did. 

The colors found their way to the Tenno life and that is where we all come in, set free by the power of hope and willingness to be who we are. We will bring light to those who need it and understand that no one will bring us down.


A Shadow Clan at Rank 9. All mastery rank levels are accepted to join. There are Hierarchy ranks. Move your way to the top!

(Message me here or in game. @Boondock132)   Thanks to all! ❤️

Discord- https://discord.gg/6m4Shyc



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Le 1/3/2019 à 3:15 PM, (PS4)GrassRootsStoner a dit :

Mr 20 with all stories complete except Jordas flipping precept, looking for clan to chill with and gain knowledge from ppl who know way more than I do about the game lol. I've done about all I can do solo, have mic and in 29 years old and I have just about every warframe except for a like maybe 2 or 3 primes.

Amazing work reaching Mr 20! I am Mr 17. Lol XD May I add you and we can exchange our knowledge?

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