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Buzlok Upgrade


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Buzlok AM (Advanced Memory)

The Buzlok has a targeting system that initiates limited memory. With the use of a tracking shot, the following shots fired from the Buzlok will lock onto that target to grant a high chance of a hit from each round. Upon using the Buzlok in combination with other resource materials, the construction of the Buzlok AM can begin.

The Buzlok AM will allow the user to lock onto a target by triggering its tracking component without using an initial round. This advancement relieves the issue of flight speed delay and allows for more efficient ammunition conservation. Additionally, the BAM, when fired from the hip, will fire with high accuracy to the nearest target(s) by using its programming to determine enemies and their locations.









Artistic Rendering


Imagine a Buzlok, but smarter.



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The problem with this is that having the lock-on be to the nearest enemy removes most of the value of the Buzlock in eliminating enemies at a distance with extremely high accuracy. If I were in for an upgraded Buzlok, I'd be wanting the alt-fire to be a useful firing mode in its own right, or have the beacon function be more user-firendly. The former could actually be having it so that the beacon explodes when it expires, whether from killing the enemy, running out of the 20 seconds, or firing another beacon. The latter comes down to better reliability on landing the hit, whether projectile speed, accuracy, more fire rate or multi shot applying.

The reason people love to use the Buzlok is being able to pick out an enemy, shoot them once with the alt-fire, then enjoy a flat 50% boost to crit rate while your shots beeline for the previously hit enemy, letting Punch Through then not need you to bother aiming through whatever mob is in between. Remove the beacon's target selection, then you remove the reason people love this thing. They can actually pick specific hit locations, which means Eidolon hunting made trivial.

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2 hours ago, Banelingline said:


This is legitimate feedback and it is so refreshing to see someone give suggestions with their disagreement. I truly appreciate you.

On subject: this upgrade doesn't remove the key features of the buzlok, but enhances and adds to them. The BAM still has the lockon just without the delay caused by the tracking round's flight speed or the ammunition cost of that round. People who use the buzlok would could continue to play the same way they did before, only faster.

Also, the auto targeting system is only active when fired from the hip. Firing with your sights or using the lockon feature negates the auto targeting system.

If a different upgrade went out, your exploding beacon idea would be highly approved. 

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