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Stalker Mode Ideas: Lore & Gameplay


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So, I heard that Stalker Mode is being constantly put off and delayed due to lore complications. And I had some ideas that DE could probably go off of.


EDIT: Please keep in mind, spoilers ahead!!


Lore Idea:
So an idea that since the Lotus had left, the Tenno have gone mildly chaotic, running around uncoordinated and leaderless, doing their own thing. Perhaps since the Second Dream Stalker had been wondering more about who he really was and decides to reach out to the Tenno now that Lotus is gone and try to discover who he really is. And in doing so, initiates transference between the Tenno and Stalker. After a few missions of searching for the truth, Stalker learns that he's merged with his 'Warframe' and his body or whatever he was before is gone.

Stalker and the Tenno could then agree to slow the Tenno down for their own good to keep them out of any more trouble than they already are in. Since Lotus is gone, Assassination missions might not be good for the Tenno to undertake in because they have no idea what their doing.


Gameplay Ideas:

Tenno-Stalkers can only hunt Tenno 3-5 times a day.
Tenno must exit their Warframe to talk to Stalker.
Tenno-Stalkers can only hunt Tenno who have passed The Apostacy.Prologue
Tenno-Stalkers cannot hunt Tenno within endless missions, free roam missions, or assassinations.
Tenno-Stalkers are forced to leave a mission after downing a Tenno.
Tenno-Stalkers can only target Marked For Death Tennos.
Tenno & Stalker Syndicate System.
Tenno Essence collected with every successful Hunt, can be traded for standing with Stalker.
Syndicate System offers weapons for normal modes, unlocking Stalker Abilities for Hunt Mode, and a Captura of the room he is located in
Tenno-Stalkers can be Marked For Death, but this will not affect their relationship with Stalker
Tenno have chance to receive Marked For Death through other missions other than Assassinations?

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Fix Quest Name
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19 minutes ago, AAtkins said:

The Autopsy Prologue



It's "The Apostacy"


19 minutes ago, AAtkins said:

Tenno Essence collected with every successful Hunt, can be traded for standing with Stalker.

I am repeating myself on this one but:Operator is invincible, Stalker isn't so I never died to Stalker since the introduction of the Operator and only a couple of times at the very beginning of the game.

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4 hours ago, AAtkins said:

can be traded for standing with Stalker.

For the love of the Lotus, please no more standing grinding. Especially when you're suggesting a cap on number of times a day this can happen in the first place, its double daily capping content.

Other than that, I'm not a huge lore buff for Warframe, it doesn't quite matter to me storywise if the content fits or not, as long as the content is fun and in this case, available for opt-out if there is no cap, if there were a daily cap though on number of invasions per day then maybe it wouldn't need an opt-out, but that's a whole different can of eels.

All in all, a decent set of ideas, but PLEASE keep in mind that standing grinds have a daily cap already, and does not fit with other caps on top of those.

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