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Little Ash suggestion


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Killing enemies with Bladestorm add duration to his smokescreen depending on the number of marks they had.

However, Smokescreen's duration is capped at it's base duration so you can't give it more invisible time than what you modded for, in case for balance reasons.

This addition still wouldn't make him compete with Loki or Ivara's invisibility since unlike them, Ash would have to kill enemies with 4 in order to remotely stay invisible as long at them.

Why do I suggest this? I love using Ash and his invisibility is meant to be used as an offensive ability and with it's low duration I always felt like Smokescreen should have some kind of "eternal war" on it that encourages Ash to kill enemies to extend it's uptime instead of buffing it's base duration which would step on Loki's toes too much.

I know Ash is fine and it's not really necessary but I think it would add on to Ash's rogue assassin theme.

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i think Smoke Screen's duration should increase when killing a stunned enemy with a finisher, allowing utilization of both teleport and smokescreen.

two birds, one stone. i do agree that ash is fine, but this does not excuse the fact that smokescreen is a little underwhelming compared to other invisibility-based abilities, even with its full duration.

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This isn't necessarily a bad suggestion, but Arcane Trickery is basically an Ash arcane and does the thing you're looking to make Smokescreen do. Ash is already functionally unkillable if you recast properly, and I don't see why he should get more invisibility (unless they change the AI to not be completely useless against it). Sure, it's a drag to need to use Narrow Minded on every build, but I don't see it as a problem if you're just comparing him to arguably broken frames. I do agree Shuriken doesn't really have much without the augment, and aside from throwing more Shurikens or causing the enemy to panic or slow down I'm not sure how to improve it.

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Me personally I feel like ash need to be up to date with his abilities. As much as I like Ash he has no use in the team, he went from the most favourite frame on mogamu`s channel to now one of the least used frames on life or rio`s channel stated by DE. If I was going to re-visit him this is what I would do;


1st Ability:

·       If you hold the ability, depending what elemental mods you have on your melee weapon it will be inflicted onto enemies but only base elementals. If you have two elementals equipped, it will proc either one. Same thing applies If you have all four elemental mods equipped. If you have none equipped it will increase slash damage.

·       If you aim it at an enemy, both shurikens will seek out that enemy.


2nd ability

·       Increase the stun duration to 4 sec.

·       Enemies that enter the smoke will have a 6 sec stun duration and be more susceptible to damage.

·       The smoke will last for 10 seconds and can be increased by duration mods

Synergy: Using 1st, 3rd and 4th abilities on the smoke stunned victims will increase the damage dealt to them.


3rd ability:

·       Make ash able to teleport through windows.

·       Make ash able to teleport to enemies in the air.


4th ability

·       When activating the ability, it will start instantly.

·       Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation, holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you.

·       Enemies that are red can be killed by players.

·       Make bs able to kill as many enemies that are within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at.

·       The number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs are shown.



·       If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear.


Fix: Make Ash be able to teleport in and out of the same grates instead of just one direction.

Fix: Sometime ash isn`t on the enemy or he is unseen when using bladestorm.

Fix: Make the “clones” look like him instead of looking like a hologram.

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3 things i wish on ash make him throw 3 shurikens for a slight better consistent armor stripping, make it abit more ez to mark enemies with bladestorm (cuz for lotus sake mesa has aimbot and saryn is free aoe dmg while i have a tiny dot to spasm in every direction), and give his bladestorm his own dagger exalted already since its actually affected by yur melee mods which the point of exalted weapons in the first place was so u dint have to feel so forced into yur melee mods/weapons.

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imo his 1st and 2nd skill are great the way they are.

My main issue with his 3th is that the augment is quite unreliable atm. It doesn't work on big maps against several opponents, and if it works it often has an animation that takes longer than if you would slide to your enemy and take him out. that's why I stopped using his 3th. Without the augment, its still an effective teleport skill to get you near your enemies quickly.

I think his 4th could also be greatly improved if all enemies would become visibly red and selectable behind walls. Selecting enemies is currently quite a hazzle in most missions, and I think this would help make this skill awesome again. This would also allow you to use this skill to locate and hunt specific enemies, because they become recognizable through walls

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IMO ever since Bladestorm turned into a clone-thrower, it has outclassed Shuriken in every aspect. Why even bother with using a mod slot to augment for armor stripping when Bladestorm can *bypass* armor, with *lesser* energy cost. Shuriken has gone the way of Well of Life in kit redundancy, and iterations of Bladestorm have ignored feedback calling for more interactivity not in the targeting, but in the *execution* (from watching a cutscene to watching clones).

I'm also pretty sure Shuriken hasn't been "impaling enemies to walls" per its description for at least the past 3 years. Could it at least disarm targets?

Aside: Speaking of Shuriken and Well of Life being outclassed in their own kits, these older warframe ability sets seem to be stuck in the MOBA mindset that the game tried to emulate in its not-so-earlier days, when Dark Sector pvp matches required players to level from 0 to 30 every match and 4th abilities were only usable late into the match. Perhaps it's time to properly move on from that.


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