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Braton Prime Receiver accidentally vaulted [Investigating]


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Well, there are probably a lot of old relics other players have that would have the part, and it's pretty cheap to trade for from another player.

But yes, for the moment, it is accidentally vaulted. Once DE is back from vacation, they'll change something to make the part available again, since it's not SUPPOSED to be unavailable, their relic system is just such a cluttered mess that oversights like this happen by mistake.

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Best guess is that it was supposed to be on the Lith K2 (in place of the Braton Prime Blueprint) and/or Lith C4 (in place of the Braton Prime Stock) relics.   Those stick out as a bit of a mismatch - the blueprint and stock are common parts, but they are uncommon on those relics.   My guess is they'll just hotfix one or both of those relics to drop the correct part since there are plenty of other ways to get the other parts.

There are two other mismatches in the current tables: the normally common Lex Prime Blueprint dropping as uncommon on Axi A2 - but that's the special Baro Kiteer Lex/Aklex relic so it's correct - and the normally common Paris Prime Upper Limb dropping as uncommon on Meso T1... which is an oddity.  Perhaps they'll change that one also to the Braton Prime Receiver.

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