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Warframe Concept: Rubex Umbra, The Torturer Warframe [No art yet; Work in Progress]


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Hi there. So while watching the Concept Checkup series by Rahetalius on youtube I had a spark of inspiration. This is still a work in progress, but I have what most will assume is the most important part out of the way already. I'm not a particularly good artist, so art is something that will take me longer than the rest. I will split the opening post into separate parts and keep things clearly formatted to make things easier for readers though. 


Part 1: Stats and Abilities 



Rubex Umbra

The Torture Warframe

Armor: 250 [+60% @ Level 30; 400]

Energy: 125 [+60% @ Level 30; 200]

Health: 450 [+160% @ Level 30: 1,170]

Shield: 0

Sprint Speed: 1.05

Level 30 Bonus:

+60% Armor

+60% Energy max

+160% Health

+20% Ability Duration


Passive: Umbral Mutilation.

Umbra Exhibits Sentience in combat without Transference control. Biological enemies inflicted with Slash leave behind pools of blood, and robotic enemies inflicted with Slash leave behind pools of coolant fluid. Standing in these pools will regenerate small amounts of health or energy over time. Enemies inflicted with Impact will lose a small portion of their max Shield that will regenerate slower and leave behind a power core. Enemies inflicted with Puncture will lose a small portion of their Armor, take more damage over a short period of time, and leave behind fragments of their armor.


2 Health/S

2 Energy/S

2% of Max Shield Capacity

-5% Shield Recharge Rate

-3% Armor Max

+5% extra damage taken for 3s


Note: These additional effects only apply to status inflicted by Rubex.


Ability 1: Waking Nightmare

Rubex dives into the mind of his foes and pulls forth their greatest phobias, trapping them in a waking dream of unspeakable horror that leaves them paralyzed in fear. Enemies affected by this ability will drop their weapons and be stunned for the duration. Enemies killed while under the affects of this ability have a chance to drop additional ammo.

Duration: 20s

Radius: 10m

Drop Chance: 25%

Cost: 30


Note: The drop chance scales with power strength.


Ability 2: Flay

Rubex strikes enemies in front of him with a whip made of frayed wires, dealing damage with a moderate chance to inflict Slash. Enemies that are currently immobilized are dealt more damage and a higher chance to receive the Slash infliction.

Range: 30m

Damage: 300

Slash Chance: 30%

Bonus Damage: 50%

Bonus Slash Chance: 25%

Cost: 25


Note: “Immobilized” refers to any enemy that cannot currently function as normally intended due to the Crowd Control effects of either his own or another Warframe’s abilities or weapons. While the damage of this ability scales with power strength, the status chances scale with the status chance on your melee weapon. I.E. If you’ve modded your melee weapon to have +120% of base status, this ability will receive that bonus as well.


Ability 3: Witch Trial

Rubex designates an area for the Trial to take place. Enemies standing in pools of blood have weights affixed to their ankles and are submerged below. Enemies that die while submerged have a chance to drop extra credits and items. Enemies that are inflicted with Slash take twice as much damage while submerged, their blood making the pool deeper.                                 .

Energy/S: 3

Radius: 15m

Damage: 20

Damage Increase/S: 3%

Drop Chance: 30%


Ability 4: Fruits of Labor

Rubex revels in his work, gathering all nearby blood pools, coolant pools, power cores, and armor fragments and distributing them among allies within range. Blood and coolant pools will regenerate portions of Health or Energy, power cores will restore shield capacity and provide overshield where able, and armor fragments will grant bonus armor for the duration.

Gather Range: 10m

Range: 15m

Armor Bonus: 50

Armor Duration: 10s

Health Regeneration: 100

Energy Regeneration: 10

Shield Bonus: 150

Cost: 80


Note: These numbers are per pool, core, or fragment collected. While they can scale with Power Strength, it’s more imperative to have a large number of these special drops within range achieve maximum effect of the ability.



Bonus: Exclusive Weapon



Blood Drinker

Passive: Attacking enemies that are inflicted with Slash with Blood Drinker restores Rubex’s health. Dealing impact damage has a small chance to knock an enemy down for 1s. Hitting an enemy who has been inflicted with Puncture with a charged attack has a chance to pull that enemy to you.


Life Steal: 15%

Knockdown Chance: 20%

Pull Chance: 25%


Attack Speed: 1.05

Channeling Cost: 5

Channeling Damage:1.5x

Critical Chance: 25%

Critical Multiplier: 2.5x

Damage Block: 60%

Leap Attack: 280

Spin Attack: 540

Status: 35%

Wall Attack: 1,120


Impact: 141.3

Puncture: 85.5

Slash: 153.2


Note:  This weapon can only be used when there are no melee weapons equipped, and comes with its own unique melee mod; Sadist’s Pleasure.  I can draw up combos and names for this if requested, but I’ve not got anything in mind at the moment.


Part 2: Possible Augments



Panicked Hallucinations

Waking Nightmare: Rather than stunned, enemies will now hallucinate and attack any of their allies within range. Enemies under the effect of this ability deal 10% (30% @max) more damage to enemies that are not under the effect of Waking Nightmare.  

Severing Reach

Flay: Enemies under 10% Health have a 5% (15% @max) chance to be instantly killed. If an enemy is killed in this method, Flay will affect all enemies in a 3m (7m @max) cone behind the enemy that was killed. 

 Divine Punishment

Witch Trial: Rather than becoming submerged, enemies are tied to lightning rods made of energy, that pulses Electricity damage once every 5s (2s @max) and draws any external Electricity damage dealt within 2m (5m @max) for for 10% (30% @max) of the original damage. 


Part 3: Acquisition Quest: 50 Shades of Pain Screams in the Night [still being wrote up]

Part 4: Art [ /cries in pixel artist ]

Edit History


Edit 1: Fixed typo with Health Values

Edit 2: Added Edit history and floated ideas for possible augments. 



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