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Status Effect Warframe - Voodoo


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Voodoo has his own totem that can be modded with secondary mods.

Vengeful Affliction (Passive) Enemies that attack Voodoo are afflicted with puncture proc.  If the enemy already has puncture status, he suffers impact proc.

Hex : All enemies and allied (incl. defense target) in a cone gets affected.  Allies gain status chance for all their weapon and warframe abilities.  Enemies gets a random status effect applied to them.  Damage of status is based on Voodoo's totem.

Spirit Circle (Toggle) Every time an enemy becomes the target of a status proc (even if they resist the effect) within 20m radius, Voodoo gains spiritual energy equal to 0.5/1/1.5/2% of the enemy's maximum health up.  Enemies do not take any damage from this ability.  Any time Voodoo or Hexed Allies would take damage to their health, deduct from the spiritual energy pool instead.

Spirit Totem: Hold down the ability to charge a totem with spiritual energy and places it on the ground upon release.  The totem gains additional abilities if more energy was consumed.  Damage/Status chance are based on Totem mods.

  • Under 500:  Damage pulse in 5m radius.
  • 500~999:  Enemies who enter the range of the totem is also disarmed.
  • 1000+ :  Enemies who enter the range of the totem will see an illusion at the center and be compelled to attack it.

Possession: 100 energy to cast, and drains 50 spiritual energy per second.  Does not prevent energy restore.  Does not get canceled by nullifier.  Voodoo gains 750 armor, 30% weapon fire rate and attack speed, +60% reload speed, and +30% movement speed.  Affected by strength, duration, and efficiency mods.

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An interesting idea. I also had my take with a "status frame" though it was based more on "as many statuses as possible" rather then a shaman totem theme.

I really like your 2 first abilities, but the 2 other I feel need some work. The totem is great but i think the both disarm AND illu is a bit overdo. Disarm is already strong, there is no need for more defensive stages. Maybe change the stage a bit and make them advance by killing enemies while spirit circle is active. This will make the ability more ... whats the word... flowing? dunno. 

Anyway the ult i think need a complete rework. Its essentialy a basic stat boost. While it may be good its kinda boring and i dont see how it fits with the theme.

Well keep up the good work! 🙂



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I love this idea. I think since spiritual energy is so integral to Voodoo's kit that you should swap Spirit Circle with his passive. Let the passive collect resource for his ult via procs and replace the ability with something that creates a doll from enemies that inflicts the statuses on them you inflict on it. Eg. Cast it on an enemy you create a non-firing clone of that enemy that follows you around. Statuses and abilities you inflict on the clone transfer to enemies near you.

Edit: Hex is very powerful, spamming it you could combine it with Condition Overload to create easily the strongest melee frame in the game. I think a good drawback would be if every status inflicted on enemies Voodoo suffers himself (like he's a living  Voodoo doll). Then you could make it so his ult gets stronger the more statuses he's suffering under.

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