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Warframe Concept: Gemini, the Martial Master


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I made the initial design a loooong time ago when I first started playing the game and I recently redrew this idea back in March but have been far too shy to share it til just now.  I unfortunately have not had a whole lot of experience making bio organic looking beings but it was a fun attempt at an old design.  Honestly, if someone wanted to even help me recreate this design in the TennoGen thing on steam if possible that'd be awesome (Is that even a possible thing? Idk), I unfortunately cannot even download Steam since this laptop can barely handle Google hahah...

The imugur with the new AND old image haha

Gemini,  the Martial Master

Show your mastery over both melee weaponry and focus, for Gemini represents both faces of rage and tranquility with no equal.

:::Ability set:::

   35 Energy; Use your focus to solidify your resolve and make you immune to knockdowns and pulls.

Bone Breaker::   50 Energy; Your damage and critical strike chance increases for maximum, destructive damage against all enemies when using melee weapons.

Inner Calm::  85 Energy;  Regenerate your shield at a alarmingly quick rate while also giving yourself a little extra to protect against your foes.  

Inspire::   130 Energy; A man is only as good as his team.  Bestow your unparalleled prowess between your teammates, giving them increased damage, energy and shield power.

Im open to suggestions!  I'm not totally sold on the move set hahah.

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