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Vox Solaris Profit-Taker Bounty Calda Toroid reward bug


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During a Phase 2 Vox Solaris Profit-Taker Bounty, I picked up 2 Calda Toroid drops from killing enemies (while under the effects of both types of resource booster, so it should have counted as 4 drops), and the mission reward was "Calda Toroid x3". However, at the Mission Results page when the mission ended, it showed only 3 Calda Toroids in the Rewards section.  I verified after the mission that I only appeared to receive 3 Calda Toroids, not the 7 that was expected (though it's possible that I am mistaken and it was just a visual bug, but I don't think so).


This won't come up all that often (it's not an overly common mission reward), but if it happens every time I imagine that would be problematic (and it might be a sign of a larger issue).  Has anyone else ever encountered this bug?

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