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Oxylus's Scan Matter precept rework


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So, its kinda slow when attempt to utilize the precept.


The precept its like Animal Instinct or Loot Detector it shows loot on the minimap. But the precept only have 8 seconds duration with 60meter to detect loot. With a cooldown of 30 seconds.


This precept should get rework where it works like Synthesis or the normal scanner.




Every 5 seconds, Oxylus will briefly show containers, plants, enemies, allies, ayatan stars and sculptures for 50meters.


This not only replace that rebundant precept but help to farm sculptures, rare containers that drop boosters, and plants to craft potions that summon unique specters from Silver Grove quest.


Downside of this rework is that : it always briefly detect every 5 seconds like scanner. Which cause visual problem, which also dont matter since Oxylus is a utility sentinel for treasure hunters and animal hunters player-alike.

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