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My reactant reset?


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General information regarding the incident

My issue occured at around 8:55pm (Mountain time) 

Was playing the meso defense fissure on io, when my reactant just reset.

As you can see in the video attached, I am at ten reactant, but the reactant resets to zero when the timer starts to count down.

I only noticed that my reactant reset once I went to select the Rubico Prime Barrel.  I used XBOX screen capture to record what happened and that was the point when I realized what actually happened.




Above is the link to the unedited footage. 


Further information

I started the game with one random matchmaking player, and got fully loaded in. The other player left before we got to the cryopod, and this triggered a host migration and I was left alone. I started the defense up and after one wave, I was joined by two other players (I didn't invite either of them, so they probably joined via matchmaking). The mission proceeded from there, and I got to ten reactant a few minutes later.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't notice that my reactant reset until the prime part selection stage.

I extracted right after the XBOX capture video ends.

I'm slightly disappointed because I've been trying to get the Rubico Prime recently, as I've put it off in the past. This Rubico Prime Barrel would have helped me almost complete the set.

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