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Luminos Dye Floats Away


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Ticket: #1597829

Experienced similar issues.
Also whilst fishing from one of these ponds.

Firstly, fish where heaping up in one spot.
Then when a shockprod stuns nearby others, whilst catching one...
The stunned fish start going upstream as well.
Going so far, as to climb the rockside.
Eventually fading away inside solid objects, like ground and rocks.





Bait, thrown in, first started flowing downward with the stream.
There it tends to be 'eaten', or clips inside an object.
Other times, it just sits there at the bottom.

Then your bait works out, and it starts to sink.
After a good minute or two, it decides to ascend instead.
Flying skyward, off to it's own personal orbiter.



The fish that climb the earth, also tend to completely bug out when caught.
Refusing to be captured, and leaving you with an empty spear behind.

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