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Alarm on spy bounty phase getting triggered as soon as a player enters the general area.


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Once in a while the spy phases of the bounties seem to get treated as though they are sortie rescue missions. The alarms will get triggered as soon as someone enters the general area; if it's the Enrichment Labs pretty much as soon as I go past Nef's statue or if it's Central Maintenance when I'm 200+ metres away and 50+ metres in the air using my archwing. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, every spy phase in that session gets treated that way.

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Had alarms go off in sortie spy missions a few days ago.

I was staying outside and had hacked the first door to access the main room and the alarm when off. Was a spy mission with those scanning mobs.

Happen 2 times in a row and my friend didnt belive me! Then in the 3rd time he did the "B" and it happend to him too :P.

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