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Entrance to cave non-existent


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well, i can only say that every cave there is on the map is accounted for - i visited them all. so what i guess is what sam686 already said: you are looking at the "cave-indicator" you see on the map when still neing far away from it, and not on the smaller 'entrance' cave symbols you only see when in proximity of the cave.

that aside, the waypoint system in the valis is far from good - especially when it comes to the damn caves in a mission. even some waypoints, that doesn't have anything to do with a cave, will occasionally screw up and wants to lead one into such cave (one in the north-western cave is such a place).

anyway, with all bounties i've done so far (legions of them, tbh) i never had an occasion where the pointer showed to where the cave entrance is, only to the cave itself - if you're not familiar with those caves (only a few of them are used for bounties so far), i suggest you visit them "off-bounty" and get know where the entrances are. also, best use the AW to get to the places. fyi: you can even fly into the caves and or start from int here (not very effective to fly in there, but it works) - so you can, if you're ablehanded with an AW, really get fast into the thick of it by boosting right into the mission zone ^^)

edit: i forgot, you have to "seen" the cave entrances at least once get them shown when you are near the cave - at least, i had this impression after the first visit and thinking the same as you now: wtf is the damn entrance. but after i "found" them once, they showed up on my map ever since. it might be the same as with the caves in general, where you also have to "find" them on the map once and after that they will be marked on the map ever after. so, one more reason for you to go spelunking in you spare time 😉

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