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Vox Solaris Mission ''BUG''


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Hi, I did the Fortuna missions till the Vox Solaris mission part and had to quit the game. Since i didn't even begin/finish Vox Solaris mission I can't even go to Orb Valis in order to do the quest.

It says that Vox Solaris must be completed in order to get into Orb Valis but I can't even get into Orb Valis to do Vox Solaris.

Please help me Since i want to play the fortuna expansion but I can't do anything so far.



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I have encountered the same problem on my save file on the switch were I was doing the mission and left before disabling the drone meaning I didn't complete the mission and so I can't  back into Orb Valis to do it says I have to complete it and o can't talk to Thursbey to restart the mission

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