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Razorback unkillable - Armada Event (December 2018 - Larunda)


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Razorback assassination went awry when, after knocking it down once and doing some damage, the Razorback REFUSED to get knocked down again.
Tried hacking over a dozen MOAs, every possible variant in case it was just one type that had an issue, even tried ensuring there were at least 2 MOA attacking him at the same time but all to no avail.
Eventually decided to record a few minutes of the nuisance before aborting mission since I also couldn't find any mention of this happening ever before.
Possibly the reason for the bug might have been hacking with the Operator instead of the Warframe (In the recording I also try a Warframe hack but obviously it had no effect), since that was the main difference between this particular run and my two previous ones that went off without a hitch.
Also of note: on my next "final" run that actually succeeded, the Razorback still bugged out but only slightly. Instead of being knocked down for a few seconds, the Razorback rose back up after about 1 or 2 seconds (With no damage done on my part) but remained inert, i.e. he stood still and did not attack for a certain period.
After attacking it I realised it was technically still "knocked down", the animation just wasn't displaying correctly. After doing some damage it "reverts" and starts moving and attacking again.
Sadly, I have no video or screenshots of this later bug. And since it doesn't (really) affect gameplay I don't have much reason to report it - but since both this and the previous run were characterized by my... overuse... of Operator hacking, I thought it worth mentioning as a possible definitive reason for the bugs appearing.
Link to recording: youtu.be/dejYFYDDU98

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I've got the same problem, Razorback was invulnerable no matter what, i throwed him several bursas too and nothing happened... i was playing as oberon so i just started spaming 1111111 because f**k it, and somehow died.

EDIT: and i got the gorgon receiver that was the last part i needed

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