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Nothing special on Christmas this year


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I've never understood the need to have everything turned into Christmas stuff in games so I thought it was refreshing to actually have a place to get away from it. Also for me Tennobaum is better than any discount or Baro having special inventory. It was nice being able to give back to the community and at the same time help a charity.

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13 minutes ago, JudgeFromHell said:

No snowball fight gamemode

nobody really plays PvP, and the last time they did some PvP events that offered exclusive decorations, people complained that they had to play Conclave.

DE were clearly too occupied with Fortuna to have the time for a christmas event, we can't always have everything, so we should be grateful for what we do have.

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32 minutes ago, Sormaran said:

There's two types of people when it comes to gifts: those who dont really care and those who expect it and offended if they didnt get any.

This is so incredibly inaccurate it hurt to read.

I see the point you're making, but damn.

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3 hours ago, JudgeFromHell said:

Really disappointing Christmas for Warframe

- No snowball fight gamemode
- No re-skinned containers to look like presents
- No discounts on warframes, weapons, packs
- No events
- Primed legendary disappointment offerings from Baro

Share your thoughts in the comments 😕

Just change Christmas with 2018 in the title .

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Personally, I don’t mind with no Christmas decorations or any special event this year. They probably won’t do the PvP Christmas event again though since the majority of players most likely didn’t enjoy it, including myself. As for why there is no special event or such this time around is likely because they forgot about it since the whole team was mainly focused on getting out Fortuna 2 with only a few days of doing so before Christmas vacation.

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4 minutes ago, Hardwood said:

My only complaint is they said, on the devstream, to log in on Christmas. I was at least expecting a reactor alert.


I could care less about Christmas events, it breaks the fourth wall and is often just tasteless gimmicks. DE did right with the tennobaum, love the solstice themed items.

Was really disappointed to long into nothing on Christmas Day only because they said on the stream you wouldn’t want to miss logging in, but I got over that in about 5 seconds cause you know... at the end of the day the game is still free.

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