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Camera zoomed in.


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Came back after a long hiatus and the bottom of my camera is on my warframe's lower back. Top is just above its head. It looks and feels horrible, I'd go so far as to say it's unplayable.

Drivers are updated. Graphics are set to be controlled by application. Upping FOV to maximum does nothing. Changing screen resolution does nothing. 

So... um, yeah. I dunno.

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Just out of curiosity, could you post a screenshot?

If all else fails (and before you do a complete re-install),
I guess you could try (backing up and then) deleting your settings file.
For me, that's found under C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Warframe\[folder with random letters and numbers]

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I was so focused on how zoomed in it was that I didn't really notice that it looks... horrible. Just horrible in general.

Edit: I have deleted the settings folder. Nada. This has occurred immediately after a complete reinstall. Warframe has never been on this machine or hard drive. I don't think that will help.

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