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The apparition of the abyss, a warframe


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Until there is a set name, I will refer to the frame as Apparition, meaning a ghost or specter of a kind. The frame is a male

I plan to add more, and all that is written may be subject to change, but I have some lore and all 4 abilities generally sketched out. I'm sure this will be commented on at most but I think it'll be fun to do at 4 am in the morning. Without further ado, lets start with what he is, and why he would be.




Drawn by the user: kamentari  also known as Valentinapaz on tumblr and other websites. Also the same person who drew the cute, wholesome mini comics with the chroma tutoring the newbie volt ❤️

Concept design and everything is by me, the fine details and fully fleshed out design and art is by them! I had it commissioned ^^


Lore and stuff:

Apparition was originally designed to spy on enemies, and general survival. Judging from his abilities and appearance, inspiration was garnered from that of a traditional demon or evil spirit. One ability being that of possession of a target, he was best fit specifically for a user who was mute, a tenno who had the frame posses an enemy to speak for him. The tenno was not evil, but he did indulge in desires that were not acceptable among his piers, including petty thievery to borderline manipulation to get what he wanted. Being Margulis was blind, and he had no other way to speak, this made teaching any form of sign language impossible. Once Ballas had acquainted him with Apparition, he grew more attached to his frame than one normally should, rarely ever leaving it be. Once the tenno were reawaken long after they were placed in the second dream, he listened to the Lotus as all others did, but he always had his own agenda. This led him to delving into the subterranean ocean of Europa in search of a lost Orokin vessel holding a trove of data and resources that would sell nicely on the market, or so he had heard. He has not been heard from since, but his frame can be seen at times, though rarely, watching patrolling corpus from a distance, or sometimes haunting their corridors.



1: Cripple

From a distance, Apparition will reach out and smother the target's life force, stripping armor, depleting shields, and/or halving health. Up close and he will also lean over and stare into the soul of the target, siphoning energy that replenishes over time by a small but not negligible amount. This ability would be affected by strength, range, and duration, and can be sped up by Natural talent.

2: Plume

The flames around his collar would rise and black smoke would thicken in the air around Apparition, and at the same time he would turn invisible. The mechanic is standard for invisibility, except the ability would be a drain than on a timer. As he walks near enemies, the smoke would begin to suffocate them, and cause them to collapse on the ground, making them vulnerable to ground finishers. Finally, this would deafen all noise completely for everyone in range of the smoke, and a cold proc would be inflicted on all surrounding targets. The ability would be affected by duration for the drain, range for the smoke radius, and strength for the cold proc damage and status chance, at a base of 60%.

3. Possession

Apparition, from a short distance or up close, would forcibly enter a host and take full control of them. If this is witnessed, the host will be seen as an enemy like the frame itself would be, but if done out of sight, he can walk among the enemy undetected and freely. The frame would feed off the host's life essence and slowly replenish health, but also slowly kill the host. An idea for an augment would be to allow him to half emerge from the host and be able to use his secondary, and cast his first and fourth if wanted, but more quickly kill the host, and make him susceptible to damage reduced at 90%. Upon leaving the host early before their demise, they would be stunned for 5 seconds, and open to standing finishers. This ability is affected by range, duration for the host's health drain, strength for the health drain as well except higher strength boasts a higher drain, meaning the frame can be too strong for the host to handle. Natural talent can help posses targets faster.

4. Altar

The frame chooses a target to sacrifice, and a skeletal hand will emerge from the ground and hold them in the air, then wires will pierce nearby targets and leave them dangling from each finger that is gripped around the primary target. You can then fire at the primary target and they will receive 1.5x the damage the weapon offers, and the attached secondary targets receive 2x the damage. This is affected by range, strength for number of targets wired, and duration.



If the necessary energy is on hand, upon death, Apparition can choose to posses a nearby enemy and regain 25% health to prevent going into a bleedout state or dying. This has a 2 second window, and the health drain of the chosen host will become twice the normal amount, on top of a 15 second cooldown.



I would imagine he would come with a secondary firearm, like a heavy, slow rate of fire, high base critical chance and damage hand cannon revolver. And a pair of dual daggers with decent status chance. I have thought of names like Abaddon, in reference to him being lost in the abyss of Europa's subsurface ocean, or Incubus. I'm open to ideas, and I based this off general ideas of a demon and a demonic presence, like the cold chilling affect and complete silence.

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