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whenever newwar becomes a thing, use it as an opportunity to fix damage scaling and add some combat mechanics


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gameplay is backed into a corner with power creep and sterile combat. new war should be an opportunity to broaden combat with some mechanic flavor in elite groups and mini bosses. 

The sentients should be a worthy foe.

As an aside hopefully railjack will actually be a lore progression towards new war, because a good narrative is actually worth something.

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1 hour ago, Rawbeard said:

oh, right, it's been over a year since the last scaling fix was canceled, because it would need fundamental changes to mods and apparantly upsetting people who invested credits abd endo in mods is just not worth it

don't expect that to change

That was more due to it being... not enough. It was damage 2.5 which was mostly on our end. Nerfing our capability to deal with enemies whilst leaving them untouched - which of course led to people point at Armour scaling and saying "EXCUSE ME WTF" again. And for good reason.

Good news however! Steve is running damage 3.0 - as in a full rework to damage both on our end AND to our enemies end. 

I can't pretend to understand all of this (especially the follow up tweet) but he mentions trying to reduce RNG in the system, armour classes and adjusting the Time to kill systems. So... it may well be that there's a full damage rework somewhere down the road.

Probably not with New War though, particularly with Sentients relying quite a bit on damage 2.0.

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I was a long time Path of Exile player, which is also a looter game, and community there voices exact same sentiment: too much power creep, enemies fall over when you look at them, boss immunity phases, player damage is out of control, enemies either don't do anything to you or one shot you in higher levels due to their bullS#&$ mechanics.

From what I can tell, this is the natural evolution of looter games which do get content updates. Remember that we still have same levels on the star chart, while frames get rework and get better, we get new damage/defensive mods, and we get new weapons all the time. 


In my opinion, there is a way to balance out all factions in terms of difficulty.

- Grineer can be left with their armour.

- Add some sort of shield gating mechanic, and allow magnetic damage/proc to bypass it - because lets be honest, shields suck, and nobody apart from newer players mods for magnetic damage vs Corpus anyway.

- Add some sort of enemy to Infested that does similar job to Arbiter drones and causes nearby Infested to be immune to Warframe abilities. We got Healers that heal and reduce damage, and Disruptors that drain energy on hit and cause magnetic procs - what if Disruptor aura was reducing damage from Warframe abilites by 90%? Well, coupled with Healers nearby that would make Infested a lot tankier overall.


Now in terms of gameplay, there honestly isn't much we can do to force more tactical combat, I'm sorry, this isn't Dark Souls. The only way to make combat more engaging is to give enemies new abilities that force players to move/bulletjump around and play to the game's strength. For example Vallis Hyenas that cast their wave attacks, they are well telegraphed and if were dealing sufficient damage, would force players to move more. We have Lech Krill that is being Invulnerable if you don't shoot his back - being the only weakpoint exposed. We could have Corpus putting up some kind of Volt's shield that prevents attacks from one direction and force players to flank or jump over them. We could have tether mines from the Index with activation time, that slow down player movement if they don't move out before it activates. There are already mechanics in the game that force additional effort from the players, its just that they aren't implemented well or in enough places.

We need more Hyena's in Corpus missions, more Noxes in Grineer missions that aren't on few select tilesets/planets, more Combas/Bursas in Corpus missions etc.

It shouldn't be only about reworking damage numbers, bonuses and armour - because then we will just change the way we mod weapons, change the weapons we use, but end effect will be the same - either enemies will be falling over and dying or be bullet spongy.

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