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New Corpus lockers not display correctly when unlocked


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As we known the new design of Corpus lockers from this.

latest?cb=20140115065902(Pic. from Wiki)

to this.Kbgo

The right one is openable, has white strip marks, lights on, and hologram displayed.

The other two is locked, no light, white mark, nor hologram. (But the broken one? I'm not sure. Maybe exactly the same)

Looks simple, right? (Though it's a bit too hard to see in some bright places)


But the problem is here.
After the locked locker is successfully unlocked (in my case, by my companion's [Scavenge]), it has Pfff sound and blue light like the middle one here.


After being unlocked, the old Corpus locker will turn the light from red to green (or off if broken).
And will the new locker do the same, turn on the light and hologram (but no white marks)?



It can be opened now, But Nothing Changed. Still no light nor hologram.


This makes it harder to see if the locker can be opened/unlocked or already unlocked or not.

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