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Joycon issues when battery dies


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I have been playing Warframe for the last month and quickly fell in love with it. I at kne point in time had it isntalled on my ps3 but had networking issies on my end that prevented me from being able to connect with a sturdy fast enough connection to play.


Regardless loving the game.


I believe i found a bug . My right joycon died the other night and i have 2 pairs of joycons. But i went to change grip/find controller and couldnt get it to sync as a pair for player 1 in the game, but could get it to work in the Switch's software. 

No matter how many times i tried i never got it to work correctly.


Im sorry i didnt get any screen shots or video. But i am sure the issue can be duplicated on your end.


Thanks for your guys' hard work


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