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(XBOX)Seraph Wisp

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38 minutes ago, (PS4)abbacephas said:

It'll be interesting to see how those relics will look (and how many there will be).

countless, so take all the warframe is being produce and times it by 4 you will get your answer by taking few parts and...you have wooping over 9000 pieces and farming hours at the same time.

33 minutes ago, (XB1)Lwyu said:

Equinox Prime, Atlas Prime, Wukong Prime, Ivara Prime

yes we noticed

33 minutes ago, AvPCelticPredator said:

Nidus Prime!

Hes next!

not really next, but coming soon

25 minutes ago, -_Highlander_- said:

Inaros prime or Atlas prime 

one of them would be awesome

then we get afterward from all that Gara prime, and other warframes.

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10 minutes ago, Chaemyerelis said:

Looks pretty plain and too much like the regular one imo. Kinda like mag vs mag prime.

Agreed. Needs more gold bling, and it would be cool if they deviated from the design of Equinox. Something like this might be a neat change.

Male design is more angelic and soft, the female more rigid and sharp. It's a gender swap from the art and equinox, but this would be a frame I would start maining if it had this level of fashion frame.

Monarchs of Duality


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