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Another Wukong Rework Post

(XBOX)Nex the Slayer

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This started as a comment on another post, but kind of took on a mind of it's own, so I'm posting it here. Comment if you want.


Iron Jab:

I like the idea of a swinging pole for his 1st ability. Noice.



Personally, I think his 2nd ability and Passive should be swapped. Hear me out: Defy works a number of times, giving back less and less health, until it stops working and you die, right? The only way to reset it is to turn off Defy and turn it back on. Instead, make Defy his passive, which will work a certain number of times (like 2 or 3... maybe make the amount increase based on Wukong level?) until reset by one of Wukong's reworked abilities, like his 3rd ability. Since Wukong is melee-oriented, turn his 2nd in to a duration based boost to the combo counter. This would function much like Relentless Combination, except it adds combos on a hit basis rather than a status basis, and increases in amount per hit with power strength. In addition, while in use, the melee counter NEVER RESETS. This will make Wukong appealing to new players who don't have access to Body Count (Acolyte Mod), Drifting Contact (Nightmare Mod), or Rivens (Story Locked). It also makes any Gladiator mods a new player gets from Plains of Eidolon somewhat useful. This ability could apply to the whole group, or just Wukong. Maybe the whole group could be an augment?

In addition, a combo counter boost would make crit melee weapons viable for Sanctuary Onslaught while using Wukong, something I've been sour about for a while.

SIDE NOTE: Has anyone noticed that the combo counter resets when switching in and out of Primal Fury? This is dumb, especially since PF doesn't bring anything to the table, like Excal's infinite punch through or Valkyr's invincibility. I vote that the CC not reset when switching.


Cloud Walker:

Yeah, let's change this. Like mentioned above for 2nd ability, this could reset your death counter and also send out a mist from your current location, opening enemies up to finishers. Range based on range, open-to-finisher duration based on duration with small mist effects around enemies still affected. Unlike Excal's blind, I'd vote that this ability use a TON of energy, since it'd reset your death counter. This prevents ability spamming, and discourages negative efficiency builds unless you want the trade off of more power for no death counter resets. Not a problem for vets who can predict and avoid death easily.

Alternatively, Wukong could make fully modded copies of himself to fight on the battlefield, which would make the high energy requirement justified. Or even stranger, Wukong could imitate a Warframe on his team, fully modded with that player's mod loadout!


Primal Fury: Refuses to scale into late game. It's Crit based, so a Condition Overload build doesn't pan out, and the fact that you can't use Combo Counter mods on it means it can't scale crit-wise either. Really doesn't bring anything to the table right now, like I mentioned above. Seems kind of dumb that it doesn't have any special features to make it stand out. It screams "Oh look, I have a pole!" and that's about it. Ways to fix this:

1) Add something to make it worthwhile, like: Slam attacks use energy, but send out blinding mist based on range; or, all enemies become visible through walls and can be teleported to by using your 1st ability while in PF; or, PF works like an extra steel charge, buffing all allies melee attacks based on power strength and tenno affinity range.

or 2) Make Combo Counter mods work with PF, remove the Combo Counter reset when activating it, and turn 1st ability into a 360 degree high powered sweep while PF is activated and you're not looking at the ground (because of 1st augment).

or 3) Wukong's pole can change shape, right? Holding "Y" (or "triangle") to switch weapons while PF is active changes the staff into the type of melee weapon you have equipped. This melee weapon receives all the base benefits of the staff (extra damage, extra range, and the augment) and ALL mods equipped on that melee weapon (including Rivens and Combo Counter mods), but none of the mods on Primal Fury. This comes at the cost of DOUBLE channeling energy requirements. Pressing "Y" again changes back. With this setup, I'd recommend NOT removing the Combo Counter reset when activating PF, as the option to use your equipped melee weapon would make this ability unbelievably strong. It'd need to have a small drawback like that.

The reason I came up with that last idea is that as a MR25, I have a lot of melee weapons that just outclass PF by a mile, and scale well to boot. With a good melee weapon, there's no reason to use PF. This option lets you choose PF for low level players, or Boosted Melee Weapon for high level players that can deal with the energy requirement.

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