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Black screen after finishing mission if in squad


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So when I join a squad(not random squads the one's players invite you) and complete a mission, I usually get a black screen after loading back to my ship(might be irrelevant but I take a long time to load). I can hear sounds and the chat section is visible also when I press escape I can see the exit button alone and nothing else, I can also see my mouse when it is hovered over chat section but not if it is hovered in the black part, I can press all buttons and hear sound effects  and the game isn't frozen, it's like an black layer over my normal one(I'm guessing this is a problem with the mission results screen probably), however I can easily 'workaround' this problem by pressing escape and then assuming where my player name would be(on the top left) and trying to click the leave the squad button, so If I left the squad the problem is solved and I get my normal screen back. I hope this would be enough info for this. Also my Internet analyzation shows that all systems nominal so it isn't Internet. 

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