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I'd like to channel Exalted Blade for Slash Dash.


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Encountered something that I expected to work differently.

Excalibur's 1, Slash Dash: "Dash between enemies while slashing with the Exalted Blade."
"...while slashing," implies some truncated function, as it is with a quick attack.
But, I would sure love to be able to use channel for Life Strike during Slash Dash. ❤️

I'm settling into a build for Surging Dash and Radiant Finish augments, with a side of Skiajati.
This take a low Str approach, which means Exalted Blade takes a real hit in effectiveness.
It also means I can't fit Chromatic Blade into my build.. which removes potential for Healing Return through Exalted.
Slash Dash is now to stack combo counter, but otherwise is more an odd way to move, and less a viable dmg source.

The result is doing Wildly effective CC and finishers, with a 3.5x combo counter all the time.
Blinding for K.O. size Dmg, Turning invis with Skiajati... Very satisfying build.

Everything is great except for the Exalted blade.
I'm all melee weapon. Exalted is an afterthought.
But what if It could still be a ranged source for noclip healing?

I found myself here because I had channel on, hit Slash Dash to strike with Exalted Blade..
and really Really wished it worked like that.
I would absolutely love it if it worked like that.
So I thought, maybe some of you like that idea.

Channeling on melee already, Slash Dash to hit with Exalted Blade, but channel mods can't work.
Maybe they should? Feels right.

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